Julliard Managed Account Service

In order to keep you up to date with your investments, the following reports are available for you to view online:

  • Cash Transactions Report
  • Portfolio Valuation Report
  • Investment Income Report

These reports contain information on the Portfolios within your Managed Account, including:

  • details of the investments held;
  • transaction histories for those investments;
  • your cash holdings;
  • income received, including dividends and any franking credits;
  • investment performance;
  • realised and unrealised capital gains.

Please note the following in regards to your online reports: The holdings and transactions included in reports are generally based upon information up to the close of the previous business day.

Your holdings in securities and other investments can be viewed either by each individual Portfolio or in total (all Portfolios held under your Managed Account). The Portfolio Valuation uses close of market prices for listed investments. These are supplied by an independent financial data company. Any unlisted security such as managed funds held in your Portfolio will be valued at least weekly where possible. For unlisted securities, Julliard or the specialist investment manager will provide a price which accurately reflects the market price of the security.

Should you have any queries, please contact Julliard Financial Services on 1300 302 188 and we will be happy to assist.